Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Sager/Lane Wedding

Photo Taken Just outside of the Excalibur here in Las Vegas for the Sager/Lane wedding today!

This was our first wedding with the Canterbury Wedding Chapel.

Craig Scott worked on the Pat's gown, cape and snood, while Jason worked on G.B.'s tunic, hat, and cape.

The couple has been extremely happy with the outcome.

Photo's for their wedding reception located on the Isle of Whight at Joshphine Wall's manor will follow in the next week or so. a whole other set of costumes for the couple have been constructed especially for that event re creating Josephine Wall's Painting "The Enchanted Forest".

You may view this wedding ceremony for the next 60 days at www.excalibur.com. click Weddings, then click Weddings on the next page and select today's date and the Sager/Lane wedding select button.